Why the Rocksino Chose the Best Commercial Paving Contractors in Summit County

When the Hard Rock Rocksino of Northfield Park decided to revamp the entire outdoor surface of its beautiful 200,000 square-foot casino and entertainment mecca, it called on what it believed to be the best commercial paving contractors in Summit County: Chagrin Valley Paving.

The project included more than 1 million square feet of paving Las Vegas-style stamped concrete—no small feat. It was completed on time costing $3 million.

After such a grueling yet rewarding project, it was important to the employees of Chagrin Valley Paving to determine why the Rocksino chose us as a provider. This breakdown will also help you better understand what to consider when choosing your next commercial paving contractor in the Summit County area.

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What To Consider When Choosing a Commercial Paving Contractor in Summit County

Suite of Services
During the Rocksino project, Chagrin Valley Paving provided ADA, maintenance, milling, grinding, paving and stripping services. Ensure that whichever service provider you choose can do it all to avoid disruption in services and bloated payments.

Looks and Appearance
For the Rocksino, providing a fantasy escape for customers is part of the brand. The outside environment could not stray from those guidelines. That meant the service Chagrin Valley provided had to appear perfect, ensuring the facade is never broken. Through high quality services and years of experience, we were able to deliver an outdoor area that delivers on prestige and keeps with the aura the Rocksino has worked so hard to provide.

Engineering Expertise
Ensuring projects as large as the Rocksino outdoor surface are completed on time, on budget and without issue takes big-picture thinking and planning. When you are searching for a commercial paving company, be sure to determine whether your choice has the capability to plan out a strategy ahead of time.

To make sure strategy is front and center on our projects, Chagrin Valley made the decision to include a full-time paving engineer on staff. This allows our team to deliver reliable and compliant specifications for your project.

Speed of Service
The Rocksino relies on customers to keep its doors open. This means every hour the project is delayed, it costs money. The entertainment giant needed a partner that would complete the project quickly. With a clear vision in mind and a plan in place, the Chagrin Valley team can complete a project without delay. While projects of this magnitude take time, we promise no time will be wasted.

Trust and Credibility
A commitment to safety, quality and customer satisfaction are three things any organization seeking commercial paving contractors should insist on. And the Rocksino is no different. Compliance and safety were top of mind for our team members. At Chagrin Valley Paving, we obtain all necessary permits and bonding for a compliant worksite, including OSHA and ODOT, as well as any local Summit County requirements.

Additionally, 25 years of quality services has gained us certification from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and the State of Ohio Department of Transportation.

You Can Trust Chagrin Valley Paving

We’re different than other paving companies. You can count on us for a full suite of services, a commitment to keep your brand a priority, engineering expertise, speed of service and a high level of trustworthiness and credibility.

Don’t hesitate to roll out the red carpet—or the perfect concrete walkway—for your customers. Contact Chagrin Valley Paving today.