For every hospital, business and retail entity, there is nothing that establishes a first impression quite like your entryway and parking lot. And from residential and apartment complexes to schools and universities, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Here we take a look at the types of customers the best commercial paving contractors Cuyahoga County has—and why you shouldn’t wait to get paving.

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Cuyahoga County Organizations That Need Commercial Paving Contractors

From choosing amongst retail options to deciding who they trust to provide long-term care, first impressions matter to Ohio residents.

Colleges and Universities: At a higher education institution, recruiting and retaining students is your No. 1 priority. If prospective students and their parents drive up to your campus for a tour and see potholes, faded paint and uneven grounds, they will instantly think their dorms and classrooms will be in the same sad state. They may even turn around and head straight to another university. Don’t let your commercial paving needs be the reason students turn down your Cuyahoga County institution.

Hospitals, Healthcare Systems and Care Centers: Times are changing, and patients are in more control of your healthcare needs. They are researching hospitals and looking up doctors online. They are essentially making healthcare providers earn their business, just like any other service. Your organization needs to portray trust, commitment and composure, and it starts with the asphalt of your entryway and parking lot.

Residential Subdivisions, Condos and Apartments: Cuyahoga winters can be rough, and it takes a toll on our roads and parking lots. Don’t allow potholes and broken, faded asphalt to chase away your prospective buyers and renters. Showcase the beauty of your homes and living quarters with smooth, beautiful streets, driveways and parking lots.

Retail Centers and Recreational Facilities: Shopping, gambling, movies. Entertainment is an escape for the hardworking people of Cuyahoga County. Commercial paving contractors can help make that fantasy a reality by creating a beautiful landscape upon their arrival at any entertainment destination in the Cleveland area.

You Can Trust Chagrin Valley Paving

Just as you care about your students, patients, tenants and customers, we care about our clients—you. That’s why we’re different than other paving companies. First, we have a full-time paving engineer on staff to ensure we provide you with reliable and compliant specifications for your project, every time. Most importantly, for commercial paving projects, we ensure all OSHA and ODOT standards are met, along with any local Cuyahoga County regulations.

Don’t hesitate to roll out the red carpet—or the perfect asphalt—for your customers. Contact Chagrin Valley Paving today.