Why WalMart Trusted the Best Commercial Paving Contractors in Lake County

When the largest private employer in the state of Ohio needed its entire parking lot reconstructed, it called on what it believed the best commercial paving contractors in Lake County: Chagrin Valley Paving.

WalMart, located in Eastlake, needed its more than 400,000-square-foot parking lot repaved. The project was completed in less than three months and for less than $1 million.

After securing one of the biggest retailers as a customer, we wanted to take a step back and understand why they chose Chagrin Valley Paving as a provider, and what you should consider when choosing your next commercial paving contractor.

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What To Consider When Choosing a Commercial Paving Contractor in Lake County

Engineering Expertise
Ensuring a project is completed on time, on budget and without issue takes big-picture thinking and planning. When you are searching for a commercial paving company, be sure to determine whether your choice has both the “big-picture” strategy, as well as the day-to-day, onsite tasks covered by industry experts.

For example, at Chagrin Valley, we made the decision to include a full-time paving engineer on staff. This allows our team to deliver reliable and compliant specifications for your project.

Speed of Service
WalMart is one of the largest retailers in the world. It won’t allow for unnecessary disruptions for its customers or its staff. With a clear vision in mind and a plan in place, the Chagrin Valley team can complete a project without delay. While projects of this magnitude, of course, take time, you can rest assured not one day will be wasted.

Fair Pricing
Never pay more than you need to. While we are known for delivering quality services, we never charge beyond the scope of the project. When you work with Chagrin Valley Paving, you will know you got fair pricing and quality services delivered by a highly experienced team of pavers.

Trust and Credibility
A commitment to safety, quality and customer satisfaction are three things any organization seeking commercial paving contractors should insist on. When an institution such as WalMart of Eastlake chooses a vendor, it needs to know it can meet all compliance requirements. At Chagrin Valley Paving, we obtain all necessary permits and bonding for a compliant worksite, including OSHA and ODOT, as well as any local Lake County requirements.

Additionally, 25 years of quality services has gained us certification from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and the State of Ohio Department of Transportation.

You Can Trust Chagrin Valley Paving

Just as WalMart chose us for their commercial paving needs, you can ensure your customers and employees will have a good experience at your retail, healthcare, residential or government location.

Don’t hesitate. Contact Chagrin Valley Paving today.