Commercial/Municipal Paving and Milling

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Our Most Recent Projects

  • Eastlake Walmart Paving Contract

    Eastlake Walmart

    Work completed for $912,000 included the reconstruction of Walmart’s entire parking lot. Over 400,000 square feet completed in less than 3 months.

  • Morgan Preserve Parking Lot Contract

    Morgan Preserve Parking Lot

    Work completed for $97,145 included the construction of a parking area along SR 44 in Portage County, 0.52 miles south of the intersection of SR 44 / SR 303.

  • East 72nd Street Paving Contract

    East 72nd Street

    Work completed for $927,000 included the resurfacing of approximately 0.8 miles on East 72nd Street (S.R. 283 ALT) between St. Clair Avenue and North Marginal Road.

  • rocksino paving job

    The Hard Rock Rocksino

    Work completed for over $3,000,000 included the construction of the entire outdoor surface of Northfield Park’s 200,000 square feet Hard Rock Rocksino. This included over 1,000,000 square feet of paving Las Vegas Style Stamped Concrete.

Upcoming Projects

  • Mentor / LAK Morton Headlands Trail II

    Mentor / LAK Morton Headlands Trail II

    Work completed for $878,837 includes the widening and resurfacing of the section of Jordan Drive from Corduroy Road East, approximately 3,100 feet to Rambler Drive. The existing roadway will be widened from 22 to 32 feet in width to provide bike lanes at the edge of the roadway.

  • Wadsworth Twp. Rittman Rd Paving Contract

    Wadsworth Twp. / Rittman Rd

    Work completed for $765,112 will include the resurfacing of 1.61 miles of Rittman Road from Eastern Road to Seville Road in Medina County with 3 inches of asphalt concrete, as well as the reconstructing of the shoulders.

  • ODOT IR 480 Paving Contract

    ODOT/ IR 480

    Work completed for $149,073 will include pavement planning, pavement repairs, paving with asphalt concrete, installing rumble strips and pavement markings.

  • north ridgeville paving contract

    North Ridgeville / Town Center Trail

    Work completed for $273,243 will include the construction of a 1.1 mile, 10 foot wide asphalt multi-purpose trail in the city of North Ridgeville connecting South Central Park to the town center.

  • ODOT SR84 Paving Contract

    ODOT / SR84

    Work completed for $1,317,449 will include the resurfacing of 4.77 miles of SR-84 from SLM 19.14 (WCL) to SLM 23.91 (Shepherd Road) in Painesville and Perry Townships in Lake County.

  • painesville paving job

    Painesville Twp. / Jackson St. Resurfacing

    Work completed for $300,412 will include the pavement planing, placement of a scratch course, fabric, asphalt intermediate course, asphalt surface course, and related items as indicated on the summary sheet.


Chagrin Valley Paving, Inc. has been a leader in the paving industry for over 24 years.

Milling / Grinding

We offer milling and grinding services wherever needed for proper resurfacing, overlaying or repairs.

Fabrics / Geotextiles

Improvement of pavement performance and extending the pavement life.

Excavating / Drain

Chagrin Valley Paving offers site excavation, drainage structures and underground utilities.


Proving partial-depth and full-depth asphalt repairs along with pothole patching.


Compliant with the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act.

Chagrin Valley Paving provides professional craftsmanship, quality workmanship and top of the line equipment along with pride in a job well done.